Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Spongebob does Walibi

My kids love cartoons and would be happy to spend all day glued to the TV if they were allowed. Spongebob Squarepants is their particular hero, and now he's coming to Belgium.

Walibi, a theme park in Wavre about 20 miles east of Brussels, has a new attraction for this summer - Bob l'├ęponge in 4D. Yes, that's 4D. Apparently this is a specially made 3D film with motorised seating so that the viewers experience the sensation of movement in Spongebob's underwater world.

Bob l'eponge Posted by Hello

This of course means that I will be compelled to take Jake and Ben to Walibi again this summer in order that they can experience this new sensation. Last summer we went "en famille" with Steve, Jo, Dave and Jemima, and despite my better judgement, I rode the well-named "Dalton Terror" in a vain attempt to impress my kids.

This ride is simple. You're strapped into a seat, hoisted up the outside of a tower about 150 feet above the ground, and dropped. There is a moment of terror, then elation (when you realise you are still alive), followed by the rapidly growing discomfort of realising that you are now Spongebob Brownpants.

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