Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Proud to be Belgian

Right after famousbelgians.net comes a new exhibition just opened in Brussels - "Made in Belgium". The exhibition, right in the centre of Brussels, celebrates 175 years since Belgian independance. According to the blub:
“Made in Belgium” is the label of a sensational Belgium, a land where everything can be achieved, where inventiveness is prolific, where creativity is exhilarating, a land that deserves a large-scale retrospective for the 175th anniversary of its independence.

Far from being nostalgic, the motto “Proud to be Belgian” will be the connecting thread of the “Made in Belgium” exhibition that is totally turned to the future.

In this spirit, “Made in Belgium” means to be a very attractive and friendly showcase, widely opened to a very broad public: schools, seniors, cultural associations or groups active in the field of continuing education.

To do so, “Made in Belgium” means to be an original and innovative exhibition, with a clear and expurgated language. This will make it accessible to the largest spectrum of people without harming its scientific quality.

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Despite all evidence to the contrary, I have a feeling it'll be excellent. I'm going. First chance I get...

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