Monday, March 27, 2006

Shez - Hero of the English Language

Hey Shez - here's that poem (circa 1983) I found in a box at Christmas!

And for those finding it a little difficult to read:

English is a language,
A language of the past
A series of old words
Worse than bottom blasts.

English is of Chaucer
Of Shakespeare and of Ross
No-one wants to speak English
No-one gives a toss.

For those learning English
Sitting bored in class
I doesn't need any grammar
You can stick it up your ass.

So as a sort of conclusion
Wether it be language or lit
The whole goddamn subject
Is a pile of shit.

Written in English by Shez

1 comment:

Shez said...

Strangely enough I got O-level English Language Grade A and Literature Grade B. God knows how. And my handwriting is much worse now. Thank you for finding such a gem - I can't remember ever writing it, but it gave me a laugh.