Monday, March 27, 2006

Congrats Lil' Sis'

Emma, my mad-as-a-madhatter-on-nitrous-oxide youngest sister, has a little boy! Born yesterday, the 'little' fella weighed in at over nine pounds and was eventually delivered by c-section. Presumably that was a bit painful. But then, it's a girl thing.

No name yet, but the precedents are not good. She called her cats 'Battlestar' and 'Galactica', and has a beagle called 'Marlboro' *.

I have a complete dearth of embarrassing photos of my little sister. That's completely amazing given the amount of daft or just plain bizarre things she's done. I don't even have any un-embarrassing ones. Also, in the absence of the traditional new mom and baby photo posted by one of the family 'closer to the action' than me in Belgium, I have to improvise.

Here's a photo of a cat in a box - which kinda reminds me of Emma. Of course, the box should be attached to a piece of string, dangling 10 feet below her bedroom window. But it's the best I could do at short notice.

* WARNING. I may have made that up.

UPDATE: I was wrong. Here's my beatiful sister playing bridesmaid at my wedding (my Nan and the rest of the wedding party in the background.

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