Thursday, January 20, 2005

Move over Peter Hall

I directed my first play in 2001 and found it fascinating, challenging, painful, fun, and very worthwhile. So why has it taken me four years to get around to it again?

One possible explanation is that I was so completely awful as a director that I had to wait this long so that everyone else involved in my production of Patrick Marber's "Dealer's Choice" had died or left the country in order to be allowed to have another go. Alternatively, my demonstrable genius so wrankled with my more mortal peers, that I was prevented by jealousy from presenting my next masterpiece. I'll leave you to decide (when to present my lifetime achievement award).

Anyway, I am finally going to direct again. This time for the Irish Theatre Group in Brussels. The play is Paula Meehan's "Mrs Sweeney" and it's a tragedy of the everyday (or dead pigeons, something like that). Colin Farrell will play the hero, but I've decided to leave out the homosexual references and the peroxide (sorry Colin). Kate Winslett will take the role of Mrs Sweeney (Brenda Blethin is not available).

Auditions for the remaining roles weekend after next. Watch this space!

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