Tuesday, October 17, 2006

School Photos

If there's anything calculated to bring me out of a blogging stupor it's a case of parental dotage. October is school photo time - so here they are.

These are pretty cool compared to the horror cases produced by Cecil Wilkins "Photographer to the Stars", who blighted the lives of thousands of Worcestershire schoolchildren in the 1970's and 80's. I was victim of a few of those in my time and they were, of course, the one's my Mum loved. You know, those ones with eyes half-lidded and mouth open guppy style. Or even better, showing the victim in the act of suppressing a particularly strong impulse to break wind.

She'd order extra copies of the mini ones and send them to every single auntie (including the pretend ones who lived next door), great auntie, nan, grandma, great grandma, and all the ladies at the Kingdom Hall.

They were the ones for which she ordered the biggest enlargement possible. The megalux 90x60cm poster print would then take pride of place - in the front window - or on a specially erected poster board left behind by the unsuccessful labour candidate for the Mid Worcestershire constitutency in 1983.

Of course I would never inflict such excruciating horror on my own children. Well... the web's different. The picture's aren't so big.

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