Thursday, June 01, 2006

Only pop music can save us now!

I'm about to take a bold (or desperate) step and start my own business. All I have to do now is a Christiano Ronaldo-like side step (or three) and produce an explosive burst of pace to get past the lumbering left-back of Belgian officialdom.

I have clients in-waiting, and an encyclopaedic knowledge of EU decision-making and public policy. I even have a shiny desk with one of those spheres that shoots "lightning" into your palm when touched.

I have an accountant and business adviser to make sure I get my VAT returns in on time and choose the best legal form for my company.

I have the appropriate sober business suits, and smart casual wear for those summer outdoor receptions.

I haven't yet got my new mobile office paraphenalia (phone, pocket PC, laptop, portable secretary) but I'm onto it.

All I need now is vision, inspiration, courage, determination, persistence, and maybe a little bit of luck now and again.

And if I get into real problems... well, there's always Motorhead.

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