Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Photo nightmares

Bruce highlighting the joys of stock photography prompted me to muse on the mid numbing deployment of photos in your average public sector press release or "magazine".

You know the ones. Five nervous looking people, plus one borderline maniac, standing in front of a nondescript building site in yellow hard hats. Here's a close up.

Borderline... Posted by Picasa

Almost as good are those posed-relaxed snaps of chief executive types working at their desks and then accidentally noticing the camera pointed at them. They’re always in the front of annual reports, or profile articles. I even have one or two of myself “caught unawares”, and here's an example. Good eh?

Caught unawares Posted by Picasa

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Shez said...

Hmmm... you have that "God, I look so stiff and if they could only see my casual wardrobe my suave young exec look would be blown" look on your face. And that's one of the better photos of me I've seen lately...!