Monday, August 22, 2005

Return of the Photo-Crashers

Those Japanese tourist's thirst for revenge knows no bounds. Not content with turning up in the most serene republic, now they're all over my snaps of the French alps.

Having taken 2 days of fairly relaxed driving down the Paris-Rhine-Rhone toll motorway network to get to our destination I stopped to take the traditional road sign shot. Amazingly, this Nipponese cyclist managed to sneak into view without my noticing.

Later the next week I try to get capture a picturesque scene including our hotel but to no avail. Instead Trueprint returns a gloriously smirking oriental gentleman displaying his cycling accessories!

Is this all part of a worldwide conspiracy to fill the photo albums of western families with photos of happy and relaxed Japanese? Thereby indoctrinating our children in the dangerous assumption that there is no truth in night-time fears of the imminent yellow peril? Leading them to lower their guard and allowing Eastasian hegemony to creep upon them unnoticed?

We should be told! I feel a letter to Oliver Stone coming on...

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