Sunday, May 01, 2005

Production week

Sunday 24 April:
Technical rehearsal. Arrive 2pm to be ready for start scheduled at 4pm. Start at 6pm. Realise that finally introducing the 23 sound cues takes some time to get right, and for the cast to get used to. Finish 11pm.

Monday 25 April:
Dress rehearsal. Oh God. I don't effin' believe it! Have they attended any rehearsals at all? Have they listened to anything I've said? I am reminded that due to cast changes, absences, illness this is the fourth time that we've had a rehearsal with everyone present. Yeh. So?

Tuesday 26 April:
Opening night. Stunning crowd of twenty people (Ok, so it's not that bad. Only sixty seats available in total). Anyway, since it's the first time I've even thought about ticket sales, I can't complain. Up to now it's been disguised by the deployment of a very effective SEP field. Director's view - terrible performance. Worst evening I've ever spent in the theatre. This is the first time I've had to let go and let them get on with it. Lynne's view - OK performance. Don't be such a drama queen. Feck!

Wednesday 27 April:
Having had a beer or four beforehand to dull the pain, I 'enjoy' the performance a bit more.

Thursday 28 April:
At last! What a relief. Full house (and from now on). Cast delivers the goods, with confidence. Still a hundred things I want to sort out but pretty good really.

Saturday 30 April:
Last night. Friday and Saturday equally good, though different audiences react surprisingly differently. Laughing in different places. Silent (but good silent) in others.

Overall I'm fairly pleased, though I spent the last couple of nights listing the things I would change/improve if I had another go. It went well. Lots of very positive reactions from the audience - though sometimes too generous if anything. Not that I give much of a toss about that. I'm such an egotist. Those views only count if they happen to agree with me.

I'm not likely to transfer to the West End anytime soon but I didn't disappoint myself. I might even do this again some time.

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