Monday, March 21, 2005

Has Monday ever felt so perfect?

CARDIFF - The Western Mail says:

Monday morning in Wales has never felt so good. In fact, we reckon it's probably been, ooh, about 27 years since we've all got up from bed with such a big grin on our faces. Yesterday morning, we woke up as Grand Slam champions. Today we woke up as Grand Slam champions. Tomorrow, we'll wake up as... You get our point.

Triumphant Welsh pack Posted by Hello

What a feeling! Try saying Grand Slam without saying Way-alls. Try saying Wales without smiling. You see, you can't. Yes, after 27 years without a Grand Slam the nation today finally has plenty to smile about as it commutes to schools, offices and factories across the land.

It was an occassion everyone had to be part of. The desperate fan at Cardiff Central Station on Saturday morning summed it up. The sign around his neck said "Ticket needed - will swap for sister"

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Glenn said...

Obviously this is completely over the top. I've got three sisters and I wouldn't dream of...

Well, maybe just the one...