Tuesday, March 15, 2005

230 exams later...

Life returned to normal in the Vaughan household this week (normal for us anyway) after Lynne completed her latest 'production'.

She runs a youth theatre with more than 60 kids in 4 groups and around this time of year they all do exams in verse & prose, acting, mime or DP (that's devised performance). So a couple of weeks ago, she embarked on a week of exams with all of them, followed immediately by their annual show - with a selection of the kids' performances and an entirely re-worked version of "The Slackers Guide to Western Theatre". Well you would wouldn't you? Err... no.

Much pain and heartache later she emerged with 60 inspired and successful kids (2 exams failed out of 230) and a mass of grateful (and entertained) parents.

She's not half bad.

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