Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Super Suburban Shez

After recently getting back in touch with my old friend Bruce, I met up with another long lost good friend - Shez - last week. It had been a lot longer since I last saw him. I seem to remember meeting up in a naff Redditch "wine bar" around 8 years ago and feeling deeply depressed that we had nothing to say to each other.

So meeting up felt a bit more risky, but I was encouraged by reading his blog and the exchange of emails that followed.

In fact it was a bit hesitant when we met again, in the salubrious surroundings of the Rising Sun pub in Redditch. But it got easier, and by the end of the evening we were putting the world to rights and agreeing on pretty much everything - and we weren't even pissed!

It even turned out that he's been living about 100 metres from my parents house for the last three years, and I could have walked into him on the street on any visit home.

So I agree with Shez on yet another point. The web is great for keeping up with mates and renewing old friendships (I can't spell "acquantances" either). Oh yes... and the porn too.

P.S. Looking again at Shez's blog I see the beginning of a post-modern feeding frenzy here - with increasingly self-referential blog articles. Perhaps I should make a resolution to actually speak to people too. Hmm. Radical.

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