Monday, November 08, 2004

Spoiled rotten

Jake & Ben spent a "really cool" week chez Nan and Grandad last week. They arrived back with new haircuts, new coats and clothes, and new games, having received the prodigal son(s) treatment from the whole family (including aunts and uncles, and cousins).

Amongst the goodies they gathered was a stash of Cadbury's chocolate. This is a weird thing, because if there's anything great about Belgium it's the chocolate. But they've loved Cadbury's ever since they went to CadburyLand in Bourneville last year. I'm not sure whether this is to do with the venue itself or the experience of visiting it with the bizarre and wonderful Auntie Emma, who takes the fruitcake to new gourmet heights.

But amongst all this pleasure there was one outstanding highlight - going to Worcester on Grandad's bus! I cannot explain why this is so special. Except to say that I instantly remembered the feeling, from the same journey on my Dad's bus, more than 25 years ago...

Thanks Grandad

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